Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red, White and Blue

Your homeland is in danger,
Just like your dreams,
The sky and the mountains,
The rivers and streams,
And everything in them,
They’re coming for you,
Broken treaties and promises
In red, white and blue.

The menace advances,
The fencing sprouts thorns,
It all gets divided,
No old flower adorns.
Every garden is trampled,
No more sweet morning dew,
Lines will be drawn
In red, white and blue.

The old ways are threatened,
All customs now fade,
The nightmare that’s roaring
Is American made.
Like a midnight conductor,
It’s rumbling through,
The oppressors are coming
In red, white and blue.

They aim for your children,
To make them forget,
They fill them with poison
And no self respect.
Their names will be taken,
The old dies with the new,
History will be re-told
In red, white and blue.

It’s all repetition,
A progress that kills,
Trades bad-medicine bags
For crisp dollar bills.
The new tradition erupts,
See the volcano spew,
Death and destruction
In red, white and blue.

© Manuel Lozano 2011

"Builder Gutzon Borglum was, at one time in his life, a powerful member of the Ku Klux Klan, the nationalist, white supremacist organization created after the fall of the South in the American Civil War. He held a Lifetime Membership, was on their payroll for the Stone Mountain project, and he was also known to be a member of the Imperial Koncilium, a council of high ranking Klansmen who oversaw the transfer of power from one Imperial Wizard to another."

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